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Safety and Quality

CREC enjoys a long good reputation in the international construction market. Since the beginning of constructing Tanzania-Zambia Railway up to 1,861km in the 1970s, it has set up various overseas business institutions in more than 50 countries and regions such as Africa, South America, Middle East and Southeast Asia so far. Over the years, CREC provides constructions and services of highways, railways, grade highways, bridges, tunnels, housing construction, dredging, airports and municipal engineering projects for the global customers. It has gained good reputations in Africa, Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, the Middle East and South America. In December, 2013, the number of projects under construction is up to 338.

In order to strengthen safety production management, safeguard the personal safety and health of the staff during the construction, as well as promote a sustained and stable development of the enterprise, the Joint-stock Company established a series of rules and regulations such as Safety Production Management Regulations, Safety Production Responsibility System, Investigating Measures of Safety and Quality Incidents, Interim Guarantee Measures for Safe Production Funds, Management Measures of Safety Standards for Construction Site, Contingency Response Plan for Production Safety Accidents and Emergencies. The Company always adheres to the guidelines of Safety First, Prevention First and Comprehensive Management. It conveys the safety concepts of Zero Accident and Intrinsically Safety to every employee, and seriously implements all instructions of the Company combining with the local characteristics.

For a foreign economic company, it is faced with the challenges brought about by the differences of languages and cultures. In this respect, the Company, focusing on whole situation and system integration, established an integrated safety environment organization, so that the Project team can integrate into the local management quickly. Safety environment management personnel are assigned to carry out the periodical inspection to guarantee the safety, which gained recognition of the Employer.


Malaysian Kuala Lumpur MRT Underground Bid A Project

by Nanyang Tunnel Engineering CO., Ltd.


Safety environment management is a good example.

Kuala Lumpur MRT project is currently the largest and most influential infrastructure project in Malaysia. Nanyang Company carries out joint safety inspection for each site weekly. All existing problems will be recorded and be rectified within a time limit, and personnel will be assigned to track these issues until rectified.


Senior management of the Company and the Employer are carrying out joint safety inspection at the construction site


Training of Project Emergency Response Team


Actual simulating fire spread in the tunnel

Improving Safety Environment System and enhancing standardization management of safety production

Actively promote the standardization of management, and develop Safety Plan, Environment Plan, 7 Safety Environment Management Procedures, 20 Safe Operating Instructions, 11 Construction Permits and more than 50 various safety management standard forms which can be followed when carrying out safety environment management.

Improve emergency response mechanism to handle unexpected situations of safety environment.

Compile Emergency Response Plan covering 39 kinds of emergency situations, and carry out one-week full-time training for the emergency response team members including first aid, search and firefighting. Meanwhile, carry out emergency evacuation and rescue drills at various construction sites on a regular basis.

Comply with the local laws and regulations, and promote environment protection steadily.

In accordance with local Environmental Law, Nanyang Company carry out weekly routine inspection on soil erosion, noise and vibration, air quality, water quality, site waste and so on, and employ professional environmental monitoring company carrying out monthly detection and issuing environmental monitoring report to ensure to meet the requirements of environment management.

Study from other international projects, and innovate safety environment management methods.

By studying from the other international projects, Nanyang Company gradually mastered a set of systematic and quantitative safety environmental management audit system under the British standard system. The Company applied them to the safety management of the Project and it has achieved good results.


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